Pleasant to meet you, we are B&G Entrance Control

B&G Entrance Control is a leading player in the market for fencing and integrated security solutions. Headquartered in Best (the Netherlands) we work for various customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Europe and the Netherlands Antilles. Our advise and sales departments are located here just as our modern production facility. In our business we can rely on decades of experience, dating back to 1963.

B&G Entrance Control actively contributes to fulfilling the need for safety by creating the right balance between accessible and closed. Accessible where hospitality is desired. Closed where protection of vital processes is necessary.

Times have changed. Also, or perhaps especially, when it comes to the security of people, organizations and locations. Society is constantly looking for new solutions. In many cases this goes beyond just placing a fence, gate or camera. In B&G’s opinion, security today particularly consists of the integration of various security solutions. We possess the relevant knowledge, are well connected and produce ourselves. But above all we succeed in merging and aligning the various disciplines like no other. In doing so, we create added value that customers can rely on. Assurance, service and continuity are valuable notions/concepts in this respect.