Characteristic of B&G are keywords such as:

  • Quality & knowledge
  • Reliable & flexible
  • Service & unburdening
  • No-nonsense & innovative


To protect human beings and the environment against security risks from outside in an effective and leading way. In order to safeguard the highest standards in perimeter protection for our customers the dynamic process of security is our starting point.


Growth of men, society and prosperity makes their security increasingly important. That is why B&G Export focuses on offering complete concepts, in which service and reliability are key. The B&G brand symbolizes customized solutions, commitment and knowledge in order to remain a dominant market leader.


Corporate social responsibility is highly valued at B&G. Besides delivering sustainable products we also monitor the effect of our business processes on humans, the environment and society. We are very conscious of managing our waste, reducing the use of plastic and paper and dealing with valuable commodities.