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B&G is a leading player in the field of site security. The organisation has its own production facility and is able to make life easier for customers when it comes to site security. B&G hekwerk B.V. is part of S4G B.V.

S4G B.V. and more specifically its supporting companies are responsible for the processing of personal data. By way of this statement, B&G would like to inform data subjects about the various kinds of data processing that are carried out.

Handling personal data

The organisation comes into contact with various people, namely employees, customers, suppliers, job applicants and other interested parties. Inevitably, the organisation has to deal with the processing of personal data.

To protect all employees, the company and its partners, S4G, and with it B&G, take privacy very seriously.

B&G realises that the protection of personal data and securing the privacy of its organisation is a dynamic process. For this reason, B&G aims for continuous optimisation.

B&G’s goal is to strike the right balance between compliance and maintaining a workable situation for all data subjects. In terms of legislation, Regulation (EU) 2017/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, (the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)) applies.

Processing of personal data

For non-employees, in certain situations (applications for sending out newsletters, applications and/or quotes, and job applications), B&G processes the following personal data from or about you: name, date of birth, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Purposes for data processing

B&G collects and processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • fulfilling its role as a contractor or supplier within the many different facets of service in which the organisation operates, which in any case includes but is not confined to the following processing: managing the data of prospective customers, customers and clients in an ERP/CRM package and maintaining these business relationships;
  • providing the data of permanent and flexible employees to customers and clients, if this is necessary for the implementation of an agreement and is appropriate within the guidelines stipulated in laws and regulations. When performing work at the customers’ locations, customers/clients may check the identity of the employee on location. If more information is required for registration and the basis for provision is not laid down by law, but the customer/client still requires it from B&G, an assessment is always carried out to ascertain whether the provision of information will take place in accordance with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act [Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens]. This may lead to delays in the implementation of the work;
  • exchanging information within the S4G holding company, and with and between the subsidiary companies for the optimisation of the service;
  • providing data to B&G processors, which is necessary for the implementation of an agreement between B&G and this processor. B&G processors are always required to sign a processing agreement in which the rights of data subjects are sufficiently safeguarded and the processor is obliged to secure the data appropriately;
  • processing customer data to fulfil orders via the webshop;
  • processing customer data to fulfil requests for quotations via the website;
  • processing customer data to fulfil requests for service via the webshop;
  • sending newsletters to keep existing customers, and other data subjects who have indicated that they would like to receive the newsletter, informed about developments and offers. Unsubscribing from the newsletter is always an option;
  • processing data from applicants in the context of the vacancy for which they have applied.

This processing always has a legal basis, such as your consent that is necessary for the implementation of a contract (or pre-contractual measures) to which you are party, that is necessary to comply with our statutory retention obligation and other obligations, or that is necessary for promoting our legitimate company and other interests, which B&G will always weigh up against your right to privacy.

If personal data is processed for purposes other than the above purposes, an assessment will always take place to ascertain whether one of the legal purposes applies and whether there is a legitimate basis for the processing. B&G is aware that the overview provided may not be exhaustive.

Processing of personal data

Data from business clients is processed, namely from potential and existing customers, suppliers and other collaboration partners. The data from its business clients that B&G processes usually concerns company data, which is not covered by the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act. The data from contact persons, i.e. the name, contact details, job title, of all business clients is covered by the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act. B&G handles all data with due care. Company information is also treated in a very confidential manner.

In addition, data from job applicants is processed during the application procedure. The HRM Department has insight into data, and it is available to the department and those directly involved in the application procedure. After completing the procedure, all applicants’ data is removed from the systems within four weeks.

Disclosing information to third parties

The disclosure of personal data to third parties may be necessary to implement a contract or to comply with laws and regulations. Data is shared within S4G and with the various subsidiaries. This disclosure is done with the aim of improving services, for customer experience, improving working conditions, for the health of our employees and for reducing absenteeism. B&G will not under any circumstances whatsoever disclose personal data to third parties for commercial gain.

In order to implement agreements with customers/clients and for one of the purposes as mentioned above, B&G is obliged to disclose data to these parties. B&G always assesses whether the client/customer requests more data than necessary for the purpose and reaches agreements with these parties in order to guarantee the protection of this data. If required by law, B&G will provide data to the Central Government or enforcement authorities.

Engaging processors

B&G may use the services of third parties or outsource services to third parties to carry out its role as an employer. Examples include the outsourcing of the payroll administration, IT management and the deployment of self-employed workers. These third parties may process personal data, as a result of which they will be designated as processors in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. B&G demands of its processors that they provide a high level of protection for personal data. The bar is at least as high for processors as it is for B&G itself, given that the data is sent outside the B&G environment and therefore B&G has less insight into the processing. Agreements with processors are laid down contractually and, if necessary, compliance is checked.

Data protection

As far as the processing of customer data is concerned, the IT processes and systems, as well as the technical infrastructure, are geared towards protecting privacy. Security aims at the protection of information itself and the means by which it is stored, such as various information systems, hardware, operating systems, databases, company networks and the physical locations.


B&G uses functional cookies and/or web statistics cookies on its company websites and those of the subsidiaries. B&G also uses cookies to share the content of our website via social media. The use of these cookies does not affect the personal privacy of visitors because no personal data is processed using these cookies.

Retention policy

Data is not kept longer than the retention periods stipulated in the law or in the Dutch Data Protection Authority’s Exemption Decision. B&G pursues a retention policy in which all terms that apply to data operations are laid down.

Access, rectification, deletion of personal data

Data subjects have the right to request access to the personal data processed, to request rectification or deletion of personal data, as well as the right to restriction of the processing in question, the right to object to the processing and the right to data portability.

Business clients may submit such requests to their contact person at B&G. Complaints or suspected wrongdoing with regard to the processing of personal data at B&G can be reported to the contact person as mentioned above or to the Dutch Data Protection Authority in The Hague.

Contact details

If you have questions about the above or have complaints about the way in which B&G handles personal data, you can contact us via


B&G reserves the right to amend this privacy statement. This version was adopted in May 2018.