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Ram-proof & Public garden fence

Blokkade anti-ram fencing: discrete but very effective site security

Blokkade is developed for high-risk sites. The fence has an extra robust construction and deviating dimensions. This effective site security fence is, for example, perfect for parking facilities and business sites of car- and caravan dealers. Forced access by car is strongly discouraged by this type of fence. Besides, Blokkade hampers possible outbreak attempts using vehicles. Blokkade is 60 cm high and is especially developed for ‘heavy-duty’ situations. It has been developed in conjunction with several major insurance companies. Despite its completely open character this security solution offers a solid barrier at exactly the right height.

With Blokkade you take effective anti-ram measures; a more and more common intrusion method.

Floriade: unobtrusively present, boosts liveability

Floriade is a site enclosure which does not immediately appear to be a fence. That is why this solution is very suitable for various public areas. With a height of only 30 or 40 cm Floriade is an appealing delineation, which prevents unauthorized vehicles from parking on green areas. You do not just protect the grass and flower beds, you also make sure that sun- and book lovers, people enjoying a romantic picnic  and entire families can enjoy themselves undisturbed and in complete safety.

Floriade also gets rid of shortcuts. The top rail is run through posts with special heads and locked with socket screws in order to prevent sliding and pulling of the heads. To ensure firm anchoring the posts have been driven 70 cm into the soil.

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