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Vertical bar fence

Barricade: strong steel vertical bar fence with a functional appearance

For years, Barricade has shown its typical strengths in many different areas. Barricade’s round bars are welded between the beams. In order to prevent climbing-over, the fences of a 150 cm height and up are equipped with a pointed comb at the top. In case of more risky situations you can either choose rotating spikes, barbed wire or fence detection systems.

Rondissade: well-considered solution for site security

Characteristic for Rondissade are its round bars which run through the beams. The panels and posts are connected with a run through steel pin. Again, brackets, bolts and nuts are left out in the construction of this type of welded mesh panel fence. Our assembly teams drive the Barricade’s posts deep into the soil and equip them with a black stabilizing plate, so that they are firmly anchored for many years.

Stockade: by far the best vertical bar fence

If your premises require optimal security and a beautiful appearance, Stockade is without a doubt, the best choice to make. Stockade’s bar panels and posts are blindly connected and is constructed without clamps, bolts and nuts. Its square-shaped bars make bending impossible. Furthermore, they are run through the extra heavy top- and lower beams; dislodging them is virtually impossible. Stockade is therefore the most vandal-resistant fence on the market. When you opt for Stockade, you choose for a remarkable site protection mechanism that has proven to be reliable and representable for many years.

Educade: child-friendly vertical bar fence

B&G has developed a child-friendly version of the well-known welded mesh panel. With its matching swing gate, the fence has special properties that make it perfect for installation at day care centres, nurseries and around elementary school playgrounds. Educade meets all specific safety requirements and is ideally suited for premises where children play. The fence has a clever 78 mm distance between the bars. Furthermore, it is not possible to step on the fence between a 20 cm and 70 cm height and the maximum distance between ground level and the lower beam is 5 cm.

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