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Barricade vertical bar fence

Strong steel vertical bar fence with a functional appearance

For years, Barricade has shown its typical strengths in many different areas. Barricade’s round bars are welded between the beams. In order to prevent climbing-over, the fences of a 150 cm height and up are equipped with a dragon tail at the top. In case of more risky situations you can either choose rotating spikes, barbed wire or fence detection systems.

Barricade is equipped with vandalism-proof connections with a steel bolt which ensures that the elements of the fence cannot subside and that all along, it will remain the same height. Our assembly teams drive the Barricade’s posts deep into the soil and equip them with a black stabilizing plate to ensure that they stay firmly anchored for many years. As with all B&G fences, the welded mesh panel fences are constructed without brackets, bolts and nuts. These would affect the fences’ beautiful image and, above all, invite unwanted disassembly.

By choosing Barricade you choose for a timeless and highly functional site security design.


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