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Carrade: heavy duty welded mesh

Welded mesh panel fencing combines the positive properties of chain link fence and railings in a unique way. Due to its solid components and striking image this fence demonstrates both its practical and ornamental strengths in crowded environments.

Sympathetic, contemporary fencing

Carrade represents a firm and stable concept. Safety plays an important role in the selection of this fence. Carrade offers companies a good-looking, maintenance-free and vandal-resistant site security. Because of its childproof construction this welded mesh fence is widely used in residential areas and near playgrounds.

The Carrade mesh panels are equipped with a double horizontal 8 mm round wire and a single vertical 8 mm round wire. The many welds and the safe mesh size (50×200 mm) together constitute a solid unit. The mesh panels are anchored firmly and immovably to the posts by means of a unique mounting system. Due to this type of construction damages of the post and subsidence will not occur. The system has a specially developed bolt design with a unique head resulting in a vandal-resistant construction. In short, the robustness of Carrade is indisputable!


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