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Pro-Turner swing gate

A customized solution to each entrance

Logically, effective site security is completed by a gate that perfectly matches the chosen fencing (Barricade, Rondissade, Stockade, Educade or Carrade). There are various B&G swing gate versions. You can read all about our swing gates’ features below.

When it comes to the best security, B&G pays attention to every single detail

The swing gates have a uniform construction built from a unique, extremely rigid base frame in between which the welded mesh panels or bars are welded. Gate posts are always executed in a case profile and are positioned on a thicker base plate to create additional stability. Each swing gate wing has an integrated drop bolt to fasten it to the central slam support or, when opened, to secure the wing to the gate catcher that is supplied along with the gate. The drop bolt is integrated in the end post of the gate frame. The wings are connected to the gate posts by accurately set and adjustable hinges. The wings can swing open 180º for maximum access. The safe and unique closure consists of interlocking parts, which discourages people to force their way in with a crowbar.

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